On Language: Introducing Spanish Word of the Week

Honesty Alert! After living in Argentina for a year and a half, my Spanish is nowhere near where I think it should be. Maybe I’m not being fair to myself. It has definitely improved, but not to the degree I had envisioned before moving here. I imagined that after the first three to six months, I’d be close to fluent. Not very realistic, right?

All that is about to change (I hope). A few weeks ago I started a temporary marketing position at a Spanish school in the Microcentro neighborhood of Buenos Aires. I get to work in a fully Spanish-speaking office, my Spanish writing has already improved as all social media posts must be made in Spanish, and best of all, I also get to take Spanish classes to continue learning all those grammar rules, conjugations, tenses, and work on my speaking skills (which are seriously lacking).

Jacarandas in bloom on our street.

I am busier than ever. Up to December, I was working as Marketing Lead for an international internship and volunteer programs provider. However, it’s important to note that I was working from my home office. And I worked from home for more than 2 years prior to that position as well. It has definitely been an adjustment easing back into 9-6 office life. I can’t work out in the late mornings, I can’t meet friends or Dermot for long, lingering lunches. I can’t do my food shopping in the afternoons when the stores aren’t crowded. And I can’t get small household chores done like dishes or laundry during small breaks from work. So it turns out that this position is not only good for my Spanish skills, but good for my time management skills as well!

All this to introduce a weekly blogging undertaking called #WordOfTheWeek. Each week I will share a Spanish word (which you may or may not already know) that has a special significance to life in Buenos Aires. A merging of language and culture, if you will. The idea is to share a small bit of the Porteño lifestyle and/or observations as an expat, as well as some fun Spanish words. I hope you follow along!

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