Bienvenido a Buenos Aires!

Exactly one month ago I first stepped foot in Argentina. The past few weeks have been a blur of apartment hunting, learning Spanish, figuring out the collectivos (public buses), carving time for actual work (I am incredibly fortunate that I am working virtually in international education and this move has not affected my job at all), and lots and lots of sleep. Dermot and I have a theory that we are so exhausted from our brains having to be switched “on” at all times- constantly paying attention in another language to pick up on as much context as we can, so we are better able to communicate and continue learn new words daily.


After 4 weeks of apartment hunting (8 weeks counting Dermot’s search before I arrived), we have finally found a gorgeous semipiso apartment in the neighborhood of Recoleta. This apartment lacks the amenities we’ve seen at other compounds (yes I use that word deliberately as many others in the diplomatic community live amongst each other in gated luxury apartment complexes) as we do not have a pool, gym, sauna, game room, bar, movie room, or parrilla (Argentinian grill). We do, however, have 2 types of parquet floors and 12 foot ceilings! More photos to come when we move in 2 weeks!

I am working on a few posts and a new series about life in Buenos Aires, so stay tuned! If you are itching for more regular updates of our time here, follow me on Insta and Snapchat (@sarahdil86) for little glimpses into our new Argentinian life!

Chau! (In Argentina, this is good-bye.)


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