Ireland, So Long For Now

As I turned the deadbolt lock to open, I knew something was not the same. The furniture is still here, artwork hung on the walls, clothes still in the wardrobes. But this time, walking into the first house we’ve lived in together felt different. I knew this was no longer our home.

Dermot left for Buenos Aires (for the second and final) time today. I will follow in a few days after packing up our entire life, then handing it over to a moving company with the promises that it will arrive in 3 months.

To document this house, neighborhood, and life we built together in Dublin for the past two years, I’d like to share some photos that are special to us.



It is only now as I am leaving (temporarily- we will always consider Dublin home) that I realize just how a part of me this city is. I admit I went through a phase of resentment/denial/annoyance at Irish life, but aside from the difficulty in drying clothes, I absolutely love this city, country, culture and our life here. (Easy to say during the summertime, huh?)


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