Exactly Where I Need to Be

Maybe it is the copious amounts of Vitamin D I’ve had the past few days or maybe I’m just having a particularly ecstatic moment, but on my walk home this afternoon, I had a revelation. For the first time in a long time, I feel as though I am exactly where I want to be, need to be, have worked to be, and deserve to be in almost all aspects of my life.

Relationship So I’ve been married for almost nine months. And up to that point, Dermot and I were long distance most of the time. That means that for the past nine months, we have not really been separated for any extended amount of time (I did go back to the states for a few weeks this spring, but that was nothing compared to 6 months of separation). We are getting used to having each other around all the time. I was worried it would be more of an adjustment, but it’s gone over pretty well (barring some spats and disagreements in IKEA and regarding decor of our new house- more on that later).

Health This is an aspect that is ever changing and always has room for improvement. Eating whole, natural, unprocessed foods continues to be important to me. I’m deepening my yoga practice, even considering a teacher certification, and am amazed at the changes I’ve seen/felt both physically and mentally. I’m lucky enough that our new neighborhood has an inviting yoga studio with a vegetarian cafe and juice bar in the most amazing space. It’s quickly become part of my daily routine.

Home Dermot and I finally have a home of our own. While we are so grateful to all of our parents for allowing us to live with them on and off for the last 3 years. We know it hasn’t always been easy for them. Now with our own place (in the coolest neighborhood in Dublin) we feel quite settled and unsure if we will ever be able to or want to live anywhere else.

Still settling in, but our living room so far.
Still settling in, but loving our living room so far.

Career I feel as though all the little steps I’ve made, organizations I’ve gotten involved with, guest blog posts, connections in the field, and professional development has all been worth it. I recently was hired by an international organization to coordinate internships in Dublin for international students. I get to meet with students, introduce them to my beloved Dublin, help them navigate their first few weeks abroad, and also continue to write and market these exchange programs for which I am so passionate.

Working with Melibee Global has broadened my knowledge of international education and my entrepreneurial spirit. In the past few years, I’ve gotten more involved with (through Twitter chats, webinars, or simply following) the digital nomad, location independence, and travel communities. I’ve been so inspired by others’ stories on creating your own path, doing things the “alternative” or “non-traditional” way, and breaking away from the 9-5 mindset. I’ve also made connections with blogs, websites, and companies with whom I have shared my own writings/stories/tips.

I now recognize that I have not given myself enough credit for purposefully building the life I want. But that is exactly what I’ve done. I can do much of my work from the comfort of my teeny, but lovely living room. If I want to take a yoga class in the middle of the afternoon, most days I am able to. And I am working for a company that promotes and encourages travel not just of our students, but employees as well.

My little adoptive city...
My little adoptive city…

It isn’t easy, but it is all about choices. Every little decision you make, has brought you to where you are today (thanks, Mom for instilling your favorite sentiment in me). I usually do not share these sort of emotional or life happenings posts, but I wanted to help be yet another example of someone not choosing or taking the more traditional path and truly creating a life they love. It just takes some perseverance, patience, and willingness to do things out of the norm.

This post is part of Small Planet Studio’s Global Life Link-up. This is one of the travel communities I was referring to. Check out fellow globally-minded folks over there!


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