Delicious Dublin: Brother/Sister Cafés

One of my favorite spots in Dublin is Brother Hubbard, a café on Capel Street (one of the MANY hipster areas in town). Their menu is limited and I say that as a good thing. Nothing puts me off more than when restaurants boast pages and pages of options. I get overwhelmed and end of reading the same dish description over and over. Take a page out of Gordon Ramsey’s book, pick a handful of your best dishes and do them well! Anyway, Brother Hubbard’s food is always delicious, they do great coffee, and have an aesthetically pleasing decor. What more could ya want?

A few weeks ago Dermot and I found ourselves needing to kill some time on the South Side. It was one of the first “spring-like” days, and we remembered Sister Sadie (Brother Hubbard’s South Side counterpart) has a large al fresco dining space. We had just come from the Dublin Food Co-op’s Sunday Brocante Market where we split a caprese sammie, so were weren’t starved, just looking for a spot to have tea/coffee outside.

Caprese Panini from the Dublin Food Co-op

Needless to say, we ended up splitting another dish. We can never resist the pulled pork and what we like to call “fancy beans on toast” served up by the sibling cafes. I have also been hearing so much about Hubbard’s and Sadie’s hot chocolate that I had to order one.

Assembling hot chocolate according to my tastes!
Assembling hot chocolate according to my tastes!

The sibling cafes serve up a do-it-yourself hot chocolate platter complete with foamed chocolatey milk and a small pot of thick dark chocolate ganache. The idea is to make it as chocolatey as you wish- or not. I ended up using most of the ganache in the two and a half hot cocoa cups and then eating the rest with a spoon!

Even though we are approaching summer here in Ireland, let’s be real, we will still have chilly, raining days where a mug of hot chocolate is the only thing that will do. I’m looking forward to sampling a few other joints that are known for serving up some decadent chocolatey drinks. If you are thirsty for more, check out these hot chocolate recommendations from two of my favorite Dublin bloggers, French Foodie in Dublin and From China Village.



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