Delicious Dublin: Changing the world’s perception of Irish food

I recently wrote an article for Stint Ireland’s blog about Irish stereotypes you should rethink. As I was brainstorming I realized there were quite a few stereotypes that I have encountered. One that I hear over and over goes something like this, “Ireland is beautiful, but the food is so bland/bad/plain/boring.” This makes me crazy!

delicious dublin

Irish food is not bland. It is not boring. And it isn’t ALL meat and potatoes. Irish food is fresh, modern, flavorful, and innovative. I started this “Delicious Dublin” series to help change how the world anyone who stumbles upon this blog sees Irish food. I plan to feature Irish restaurants, cafes, food products, towns, local ingredients, markets, and more that show the real state of the Irish foodie scene. Upcoming posts include spots for great craft beer, yummy Irish ice cream, and quaint cafes with simple, delicious menus.

So follow along. Share any foodie finds of your own. And let’s change the world’s perception of Irish food!

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One thought on “Delicious Dublin: Changing the world’s perception of Irish food

  1. I had wonderful food in Ireland! From traditional to more modern/fusion, in cafes and restaurants to what we cooked up in our Dublin apartment…it was all great. I can’t think of a boring or bland dish that we had during our 3 weeks there. I loved being there in December so I could try the holiday foods (and watch the holiday cooking shows). I look forward to following your Irish food posts!

    Thanks for sharing this in the #MyGlobalLife Link-Up!

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