To Postgrad Abroad or Not To Postgrad Abroad?

There were so many factors that led to my attending graduate school abroad. At the time (2009) I had spent my first year out of undergrad year of unsuccessfully applying for full-time work in my field. I worked part-time as a substitute teacher and server. Student loans repayments were starting. And the price of attending a Master’s program in the US was astronomical. Although now I know that the loans I took out for grad school abroad were at a huge interest rate- 8.5% – the price was still cheaper than 2 years at a US institution. But the cost of higher ed in the US is a topic for another time…

My choice boiled down to what I wanted to study. There were only a few schools with Intercultural Communication or Intercultural Studies programs. I figured that, given the nature of my field, it made absolute sense for me to attend graduate school abroad.

I was recently interviewed about my experience and all things postgrad-ing abroad for, an informational and review site for study, intern, volunteer abroad programs. Check it out here. And feel free to reach out to me if you have questions about graduate school abroad. Or share your story in the comments below.

Dublin City University Photo Credit: Irish Times
Dublin City University
Photo Credit: Irish Times

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