Happy New Year from Dublin!

As I start 2015, I want to reflect on this past year and look forward to the next.


Last year saw personal and professional growth, ups and downs, and some fairly major life changes including; planning a multicultural wedding, travels with friends, some disappointing career let-downs, getting married, focusing more on my health and wellbeing, and officially launching my own freelance and marketing business. I was lucky enough to…

  • attend a few of my close friends’ weddings
  • spend time and travel with my love, even though we were apart for several (a combined 7) months during last year
  • celebrate several close friends’ engagements
  • meet Alec Baldwin at Arts Advocacy Day in DC!
  • have almost 100 of my closest friends and family members, from 9 countries and 10 US states, witness Dermot and I marry in rustic barn in rural Maryland
  • spend several weeks at one of my favorite places, eastern shore of Maryland
  • get my writings published on several sites and blogs
  • be healthy
  • take advantage of the time I have with my parents and all four grandparents
  • gain a new family in Ireland and beyond

Here are a few goals I have for 2015…

Health: Continue making my health a priority, including going to the gym, deepening my yoga practice, being more conscious of what I put into my body, and being more active in general.

Finances: Recently I realized that while I always prided myself as being good with money, there is a difference between being an efficient budgeter and just NOT spending. This year, with all the complexities that come with joint finances, I will be figuring out how to set a budget that allows for spending, not just frugalness. I also need to focus on not letting my financial situation [student loans] affect my mood.

Relationships: There have been some ebbs and flows this past year in terms of my friendships and relationships with family, which is only natural. In 2015, I want to make more of an effort to truly be present when around others- including putting my phone away! Also to remember to appreciate what time I do/can spend with family and friends and take full advantage of that.

Career: Oh so many goals in this category! I’ll leave the specifics to my business plan. But for this year, and beyond, I want to be challenged and inspired by my work. My career path has deviated much from where I intended it to go, so I want to learn to accept and appreciate the unknown.

Happiness: I want to work on being truly happy, conveying positivity, being happy for others, and being genuine. I don’t want to harbor negative feelings or thoughts towards others or myself. To make a conscious effort to not outwardly project negative words, whether joking or not. For me, I need to be content with where three aspects of my life are at/heading to be in a happy state; relationships, professional life, and my health. I can say that about a year ago, I only had one going for me, and that was a long distance relationship- so maybe 1/2 out of 3. Today, I would say I have 2.5. By 2016, I will have 3/3!

How have you reflected on 2014? What are your goals for the new year? Leave a comment below!


One thought on “Happy New Year from Dublin!

  1. Beautifully & bravely said! Proud to see such openness – and rawness – us out of character, and refreshing! Kudos and here’s to a happy, healthy, positive 2015!

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