Wild & Scenic Film Festival: “where activism gets inspired”

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In one afternoon I travelled down the Colorado River from one Lake Powell to another Lake Powell, enjoyed a comedic short on the origins of the 5cent plastic bag tax, learned about the importance of fallen wood to rivers, and went inside (as far as my senses would let me go) the mind of a roller-blading genius/lunatic, known as SLOMO.

The Assateague Coastal Trust’s 4th Annual Wild & Scenic Film Fest was 3 hours of gorgeous cinematography that took us around the globe, from Futaleufu in Patagonia and Lake Tahoe to the Cook Islands and Bogota, Columbia.10731212_844098492986_1662749071490363661_n

On top of the captivating imagery of rushing rivers, mountain ranges, deserts, and oceans, a range of topics and issues were touched on in these short films ranging from two to twenty minutes. For instance, I had no idea just how damaging damming is to our environment. In “Powell to Powell: Portraits of the Upper Colorado” we see a group of adventurers attempt to travel the length of the Colorado on kayak and raft, but are often detoured and have to “hoof it” due to lack of current and, in some cases, lack of water all together.

I was just hoping for a bit more controversy and that at least one movie would touch on factory farming, or talk about the pesticide runoff affecting the Chesapeake Bay, or call out the congressmen and senators who cave to the oil/coal/fracking lobbyists! But upon reflection, that would have changed the vibe of the whole event. And overall it was a lovely way to raise awareness of our fleeting natural habitats and celebrate all those who work and play in these beautiful environments.


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