Campaigning in small town America

So proud of my (new) hubby for taking the leap and publishing his first blog post. Take a gander. It is smart, poignant, and funny… just like him!

progressive ponderings

As the American mid-term elections come to pass, every second advertisement in Maryland seems to be attacking Republican Larry Hogan or Democratic Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown. I was more interested in down-ticket campaigns and candidates, so I went to an NAACP-sponsored candidates forum in the town of Havre de Grace.

I walk into the African Methodist Episcopal Church. An unreasonably dapper man in a bow tie extends a hand, smiling- “Are you a candidate?” I glance down at my jeans, converse and frankly shabby t-shirt, and I immediately revise my expectations of the of the standard of candidate downwards. “No no, just an observer (without a vote, I neglect to add). I amble past tables of election literature, and notice that from these flyers, you would be utterly unable to discern what party any candidate was a member of. In fact, if you walked into the hall without any prior…

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